Newsletter no. 6

May 2012

  • Final RISING Industry Forum & Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Evaluation and Validation of RISING results
  • RISING Market Assessment and Strategy

Newsletter no. 5

November 2011

  • RISING at Work: Demonstrator Cases
  • In focus: A RISING User Story: ACOS – Weser-ARA
  • Evaluation and Validation of the RISING Project Results

Newsletter no. 4

May 2011

  • Third Industry Forum for the Danube Region in Vukovar
  • Interview with Roland Frindrik, MARLO
  • In retrospect: First RIS Workshop of the Danube Commission in Budapest

Newsletter no. 3

January 2011

  • Introduction by Gerhard Schilk, RISING Work Package 4 Leader
  • Second Industry Forum for the Danube Region in Budapest
  • Interview with Cordula Radtke, Head of Barge Department of ACOS Group
  • In retrospect: RIS Week in Budapest

Newsletter no. 2

June 2010

  • Introduction by Annick Javor, RISING Work Package 7 Leader
  • First Advisory Committee for the RISING project in Brussels
  • Interview with Marten van der Velde, Portbase Strategy and Business Development Manager
  • In retrospect: RISING Common Workshop

Newsletter no. 1

December 2009

  • Introduction by Arne Gehlhaar, RISING Project Manager
  • First Industry Forum for the Danube region in Austria
  • Interview with Dr. Ralph Gallob, CEO of ILL
  • RISING Work packages (WP) 2 and 4 Kick-Off